Our Work

With a 13 ton, 8 ton and 4 ton excavator Brenton Industries can take on large or small excavation projects. A skid steer to load trucks or dig and level dirt around the excavation site. The skid steer is also equipped for Kaslo snow removal operations, accompanied by a 1 ton plow truck with a sander. With screening equipment and compaction equipment we will make sure soils are sized and compacted to the required specification. With Chain saws, a wood chipper, Dump trailer and tandem Dump truck we will efficiently remove and clean up not wanted Rocks, dirt, trees or construction debris. When we are done we leave our clients a site that is clear and free of debris so that the next stage of the project can get underway without delay.

We’ve made many connections with Kaslo contractors, landscapers and utility technicians whom we would be happy to recommend to you. There are many factors when choosing any business service, but you can rely on our experience to help you find what you need at the price you desire.

We provide many services for the people in and around Kaslo and we welcome you to have a look at our website to see all the possibilities we offer.

Brenton Industries Ltd: You have a project? We can dig it.